Golf Cart Rentals


Golf cart rentals are the main mode of transportation on the island (there are no rental cars).

Please note that you may find lower advertised rates but make sure that you ask if they have “non-refundable insurance included”. Most websites do not include the tax and some add a $100USD weekly “insurance” when you arrive to pick up the cart. The rates we are providing are inclusive of all taxes, fees and delivery. If you want to rent a six-seat golf cart we suggest booking that as soon as possible as availability is limited. Golf cart rentals and any other extras can be added to your bill and charged to your card for convenience. We highly recommend pre-paying for golf carts to ensure availability; a statement is issued to you detailing all charges so there are no surprises.


Four Seater Rental

Rental DaysUSDBZD
1 Day$70.00$140.00
2 Days$130.00$260.00
3 Days$195.00$390.00
4 Days$235.00$470.00
5 Days$275.00$550.00
6 Days$275.00$550.00
7 Days$275.00$550.00
8 Days$300.00$600.00
9 Days$350.00$700.00
10 Days$400.00$800.00
14 Days$450.00$900.00

Six Seater Rental

Rental DaysUSDBZD
1 Day$125.00$250.00
2 Days$200.00$400.00
3 Days$280.00$560.00
4 Days$350.00$700.00
5 Days$425.00$850.00
6 Days$460.00$920.00
7 Days$480.00$960.00
8 Days$500.00$1,000.00
9 Days$600.00$1,200.00
10 Days$700.00$1,400.00
14 Days$985.00$1,970.00