Belize Adventure Tours: Jungle Tours, Mayan Ruins, Mainland Adventures

Altun Ha

On this adventure you head out the backside of the island toward the mainland. Soon you will be winding through the Northern River where you are likely to see Orchids, cactus and a rich variety of birds and indigenous animals.

At Bomba Village, you will then board a private bus that takes you through several quaint villages as you make your way to the Maya Ruins of Altun Ha.

There, our guide will give you a tour of the ruins and you’ll have some time to explore. Once you have worked up a healthy appetite, we will head to the Maruba Jungle Spa for an exotic lunch including fish and wild game. After lunch you can take a refreshing dip in their pool or indulge in incredible treatments such as herbal facials and mud baths (for those that wish to be pampered). Then enjoy the swift boat ride back through the river and home to San Pedro.

Flourishing during the Classic Period of Maya civilization, the true ancient name of this site is unknown. “Altun Ha” is a maya translation of the nearby village named “Rockstone Pond.” The extent to which the site has been cleared and restored makes it easy to imagine its past glory and wealth as a major ceremonial center. The archaeological site covers about one square mile of area, with at least 500 visible structures. Evidence dates the earliest settlement here to 200 BC, with varied construction phases ending about 900 AD.

The Lamanai Jungle River Adventure

Start the day with a scrumptious breakfast of fresh fruit, muffins and fresh squeezed orange juice as you wind your way through the Northern River and enjoy the early morning sights and sounds. At Bomba Village, a private bus will take you through jungle, villages and sugar cane fields to Tower Hill, where your tour of the New River begins. As you make your way towards Lamanai, you will encounter animals indigenous to the area such as river otters, turtles, crocodiles and monkeys.

Lamanai is located about 1hr to 1.5hrs by boat, and is today one of the most popular ways to visit Lamanai because you are able to observe the various wildlife creatures that exist in Belize along the river’s bed.

Once at Lamanai you are served a tasty picnic lunch of local fare. Then you hike through dense jungle and explore the ancient Maya temples that majestically perch on the water’s edge. At the end of the day, as you make your way back to San Pedro, you will realize that your experience to Lamanai will linger with you as a truly Beyond Ordinary experience.


From Belize City, on the way to Caracol, we will pass through the Mountain Pine Ridge Area, before reaching the beautiful jungle that surrounds Caracol, which includes the highest building in Belize – Caana (140 ft).

The duration of this exciting and informative tour is about 2.5hrs – 3hrs. Our tour guide will provide you with the right information about Caracol, its glyphs and its stories. Above the structures, you will be able to take some spectacular photos of the area and temples. The numerous excavated and partially excavated structures are fun to explore. One of the peculiarities of Caracol are its sky observatory and ball court.

On our way back home we stop at Rio On Pools which is 45 minutes from Caracol. We will serve lunch on the bank of the river. The river is amazing and refreshing. Here you can marvel at the granite and limestone rock formations, peaceful waterfalls and cool swimming for around an hour.

After lunch, we drive back to the boat to return to San Pedro, la Isla Bonita and concluding a wonderful day touring one of Belize’s greatest wonders around 6.30pm. It is without a doubt that Belize is Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret.


Xunantunich (pronounced /Shunantunich/) is an Ancient Mayan archaeological site in western, about 80 miles (130 km) west of Belize City, in the Cayo District. Xunantunich is located atop a ridge above the Mopan River, well within sight of the Guatemala border – which is a mere 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) to the west. It served as a Maya civic ceremonial center in the Late and Terminal Classic periods to the Belize Valley region. At this time, when the region was at its’ peak, nearly 200,000 people lived in Belize.

After picking you up from your resort we will provide a continental breakfast before departing San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Belize. We take a boat ride through some of the caye's of Belize on the way to the mainland, where we then board a van that takes us for a 1 hour and 45-minute drive to Cayo District to Xunantunich and do an hour and a half tour on the site. We then break to have a traditional lunch of rice and beans with stew chicken. After the tour we then head back to the van and take a 45-minute drive to Jaguar Paw to experience Cave Tubing.


Visit the incredible ancient city of Tikal on this day trip from San Pedro. Once a powerful city center during the Classic Mayan period, today Tikal is a UNESCO World Heritage site that draws scores of visitors each year. Your professional guide will take you across the border into Tikal National Park in Guatemala and lead you on a fascinating tour of the sprawling archaeological complex.

Visit one of the largest and most important Mayan sites in all of Central America. You will be assisted in all border crossing procedures to enter Guatemala safely and hassle free. Be sure to bring your passport!  Once inside the park, let your imagination run free as you explore highlights among more than 3,000 structures that archaeologists have excavated so far. Learn about daily life and religious practices of the ancient Maya while wandering through the maze of the Central Acropolis, and envision the excitement of an elite sporting match in the ball courts. Tikal boasts an array of magnificent ceremonial temples. Climb the steep staircase of the 144-foot (44-meter) Temple of the Grand Jaguar, built to honor a Mayan king. A set of twin pyramids with altars will greet you at complexes Q and R. Marvel at the Temple of the Masks, which was once adorned with intricate ceremonial mask carvings. Perhaps most impressive is the oft-photographed Temple IV, also known as the Double Head Serpent. The tallest structure in Tikal at 212 feet (64 meters), this pyramid rises majestically above the jungle canopy.

Cave Tubing Adventure

Marvel at the diversity and expanse of this country as you traverse through mangroves, savannah and small villages then finally divert onto a remote country road that leads you closer to your adventure. At last you arrive at Jaguar Paw where you are met by your river guide who outfits you with your gear, gives you a safety briefing and leads you on your jungle trek to the clear waters of the Caves Branch River.

Jump into your tube, and feel the excitement as you float into mysterious limestone archways beckoning you into the mouth of centuries old caves, holding untold stories of Maya rituals. Explore the many awesome formations that decorate these amazing caves and learn about the trees and jungle that surround them. Feel the rush of cool water as you meander into small rapids, letting the currents guide you where they will.

Just relax and lay back your tube, listen to the sound of falling water and let your imagination take over as your guide leads you through the currents that continue to carve and shape these natural wonders.

Jungle Zip Line Adventure

Your quest for the perfect mix of adventure and knowledge starts here in the heart of the Belizean jungle. Be one with nature and the most sacred elements of the ancient Maya …whose underworld of ceremonial caves and the canopies of ancient trees were used to send offerings up to their gods.

This journey will be filled with interesting facts about Belizean culture history and geology as you drive through savannas and quaint villages to reach your hidden destination. There your skilled high angle guides will fit you with your harness and give you a safety briefing before you start your tour.

A short winding trail through thick jungle will make you feel dwarfed as towering cohune palms take you to a limestone cliff that is your launching pad to your zip line adventure.

Feel the rush as you fly 500ft across the jungle for a bird’s eye view of a cavernous opening to one of the Mayas ancient ceremonial caves and the start point of your next adventure.

But this is just the beginning as your next traverse takes you to an unrivaled 700ft across the Jungle, so don’t forget to look down onto dense flora that used to be the Mayan hunting ground and source of almost all their everyday day needs. Throughout your adventure your guides will highlight some of trees and the bush and their purposes that these ancient people used to use and still use today.

The Belize Zoo

The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center was started in 1983, as a last ditch effort to provide a home for a collection of wild animals which had been used in making documentary films about tropical forests. Shortly after the backyard “zoo” began, it was quickly realized that its Belizean visitors were unfamiliar with the different species of wildlife which shared their country. This very aspect fomented the commitment to develop the little zoo into a dynamic wildlife education center. Today, The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center is settled upon 29 acres of tropical savanna and exhibits over 150 animals, representing over 45 species, all native to Belize. The zoo keeps animals which were orphaned, rescued, born at the zoo, rehabilitated animals, or sent to The Belize Zoo as donations from other zoological institutions.

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